Dr. John Davila is considered one of a few leading experts in documentation requirements and compliance procedures in the chiropractic field.

John D. Davila D.C

Dr. John Davila is considered one of a few leading experts in documentation requirements and compliance procedures in the chiropractic field.

Program Topics

How to Implement an Insurance Compliance Program into a Chiropractic Practice
How does a doctor's practice get selected for audit? This course will remove the veil of how an insurance company creates a profile used to deny a doctor's claims and place them in insurance purgatory. In addition, we review coverage and implementation of corporate compliance and the Office of Inspector General's policy for corporate compliance for small and single physician offices. The final product for the doctor is a self-created personal program that is scalable and specific to their practice.

Documentation and Medical Necessity
Have you ever wondered how a doctor's notes prove medical necessity? By translating insurance "doublespeak" into words a doctor can understand and digest, this course will shine a light on what an insurance company really wants to see in their notes. With that type of understanding, doctors can filter out ineffective, costly therapies to endorse best practices of the day that support valid and clinically beneficial goals.

Blending Science and Philosophy
Using an evidence-based outcome assessment of a patient's case to justify care doesn't require the doctor to remove themselves from connection to their philosophy. In this session we will cover the clinical rational it takes to relate the treatment of a subluxation to your state laws covering the practice of chiropractic in order to create clinically appropriate care. The next step in the process is to relate the philosophy of subluxation-based care to what the insurance company has as its policy for payment. This is not to change the way the doctor treats the patient, but to change who pays for the treatment.

Complying with Federal Law When Marketing
This course includes a review of the Office of Inspector General's polices on Federal compliance in marketing. Attendees will learn what is allowed according to the Federal government as per recent OIG Advisory Opinions and how they can be translated to everyday practice in chiropractic. The class will also cover case history as it relates to collections of co-pays and deductibles along with the Federal opinion on how to give proper discounts when dealing with insurance patients.

Implementing Active Rehab in a Subluxation-Based Practice
In this course doctors will not be taught what exercises to use for each condition they encounter, but instead how to set up treatment plans that incorporate active rehab that will change their profile of passive therapy over utilization with insurance companies and improve patient outcomes. The course ties together insurance company contract provisions, medical necessity rules, and patient management into one to help a practice smoothly implement active rehabilitation.

Medicare Documentation and Medical Necessity
There is a ton of misinformation about Medicare which is why this course is taught directly from Medicare's own policy on chiropractic. The focus of this course is how to create documentation that would stand up to the scrutiny of a Medicare review nurse yet still remain simple and quick enough for a high volume practice. By understanding exactly what Medicare is looking for, the doctor can cut out personal opinions and bad advice while making their notes and patient management bullet-proof.

Case Management after October 2015 – How ICD-10 Will Affect the Way You Practice
One of the most common questions about ICD-10 is this one ... "How in the world can I navigate 68,000 ICD-10 codes when there were only 17,000 ICD-9 codes and that was difficult enough?" The good news is there's a way you can do it!

In our session, I want to share a strategy that will help you navigate all the new diagnosis codes AND be better at documenting in such a way that your notes could even help you to educate your patients. We'll do this by giving you both the definition of the codes along with the appropriate documentation required to support the codes you normally use.

The best part is that we'll cover the codes by building cases from histories and not just by regurgitating dry coding information. With an emphasis on a subluxation-based practice, this class will give you the tools you'll need to make the transition to ICD-10 painless and relevant to how you practice.

Dr. John has had the pleasure of sharing his knowledge of documentation, coding, and Medicare policy with these associations, colleges and organizations.
  • Academy of Missouri Chiropractors
  • American Black Chiropractic Association
  • ChiroFest
  • Colorado Chiropractic Association
  • Connecticut Chiropractic Council
  • Florida Chiropractic Association
  • Florida Chiropractic Society
  • Georgia Chiropractic Association
  • Georgia Chiropractic Council
  • International Chiropractors Assoc. of Indiana
  • Kentucky Chiropractic Society
  • Louisiana Chiropractic Association
  • Maryland Chiropractic Association
  • Michigan Association of Chiropractors
  • Minnesota Chiropractic Association
  • Mississippi Chiropractic Association
  • Missouri Chiropractic Association
  • New Hampshire Chiropractic Association
  • New Hampshire Chiropractic Society
  • Association of New Jersey Chiropractors
  • New York Chiropractic Council
  • Ohio State Chiropractic Association
  • Oklahoma Chiropractors' Association
  • Palmetto State Chiropractic Association
  • Parker Seminars
  • Puerto Rico Chiropractic Association
  • South Carolina Chiropractic Association
  • Tennessee Valley Chiropractic Association
  • Washington State Chiropractic Association
  • West Virginia Chiropractic Society
  • Wyoming Chiropractic Association
  • Logan College of Chiropractic
  • Northwestern University of Health Sciences
  • Palmer College of Chiropractic (Davenport, West and Florida campuses)
  • Parker University
  • Sherman College of Chiropractic
  • AlignLife
  • ChiroPassion Consulting
  • DC Trainings
  • Elevation Health
  • Elite Coaching
  • Maximized Living
  • NextLevel
  • Purposeful Connections

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