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The 5 C’s of Custom ChiroSolutions




firm conviction that
something is the case.



having all the necessary or appropriate parts.



meeting or in accordance with rules or standards.



in agreement or harmony.



modify (something) to suit a particular individual or task.

By utilizing compliance standards set by the Federal government we’ll help your practice function at its highest level.

About Dr. John Davila
Meet John Davila, DC, FICC - CEO / Founder
Meet Jennifer Dickinson
Meet Jennifer Dickinson, CPC

10+ Years of Medical Coding Experience

Jennifer earned her Certified Professional Coder status in 2005.

Jennifer brings over 10 years' experience in medical coding to Custom Chirosolutions after previously working as a biller in a multi-specialty practice, and an office manager at a chiropractic office where she was responsible for reducing overhead by 50% and doubling the PVA. She began working with Dr. Davila when he approached her about an idea he had to customize EMR systems for medical necessity with content he had written based on Federal policy. Since then, Jennifer has utilized her knowledge of programming and practice workflow to design customized macros for nearly 25 different EMR systems. Nearly all of our clients have the opportunity to work with Jennifer as she is responsible for the installation and training of the EMR customization portion of our Audit Proof Income System.